Bren + Rodney

Bren + Rodney

Bren + Rod met at a bar in Perth one Friday night… Bren noticed Rod when he first walked in and as he tells it “I knew I wanted to meet him.” The couple still argue to this day about who it was that worked up the balls to break the ice and approach whom first, but regardless of who it actually was, they’re now almost 8 years down the track and are now engaged to be married!

Bren proposed to Rod in July 2016, on their seven year anniversary. After dinner at Fraser’s Restaurant in Kings Park, Perth, they went for a walk and found a quiet spot near the war memorial where Bren dropped down on one knee to commence his well-rehearsed proposal of marriage. He only managed one sentence before Rod jumped the gun and with “of course!”

The ring was a simple white gold band, which was then purchased in duplicate for Bren so that they both now wear the same. The happy couple celebrated their engagement with a party of around 100 of their closest family and friends in December 2016, as well as with an engagement photo shoot in which the images we now show here were captured by Sara Hannagan.

Of the shoot itself, Sara says “Bren + Rodney’s engagement shoot is one of my all-time favourites. They were an absolute pleasure to photograph, the location was stunning and the light was beautiful. Everything came together perfectly.

“We did the shoot at Yellagonga Regional Park in the northern suburbs of Perth. Yellagonga was the ideal location with its lush open fields, historic buildings and dark, moody forested areas.

“Bren + Rodney were so completely at ease. You can really see how much they love each other in the images.”

 In terms of an actual wedding date, Bren + Rod are waiting for the law to change in Australia before they start planning anything.

“A wedding is one of the few times in life where everyone you love is in the same room, and we want it to be legitimate. We're thinking about having the ceremony in Hyde Park in Perth.  It's close to our house and has been the backdrop to many a dog walk or barbecue with family or friends.”

From the whole team at Groom + Guy, we can only join you, Bren + Rod, in the hope that the laws will change soon. Until then, we thank you for sharing your engagement with us and the Groom + Guy community.



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