The Crowning Glory

The Crowning Glory

I was introduced to the breathtaking Redwood Forest in Warburton, Victoria, by my sister. A runner, she came across the forest full of towering Californian Redwoods and woven nests on a run one day, sent me some images and immediately I knew we had to do a shoot at this location. The Crowning Glory feature was already forming in my head.

The almost mystical atmosphere of Redwood Forest instantly brings images of a centaur to mind, gracefully weaving through the trunks of the trees like a regal King ruling his land. Talk about inspiration! In my mind I saw the centaur shirtless, adorned with the majesty of a crown and completely at home in this mystical forest. And to turn my imagination into reality contacted one of our favourites, Bloom Boy, to share my vision with him and have him create a few of his amazing floral crowns, as well as the fabulous Viktoria Novak to loan us a couple of her stunning metallic crowns as well. Then, armed with the majestic crowns we had Danny Puopolo work his makeup magic on our model, Hugh, and let him loose in the Redwoods with Julia Archibald and her camera to give you: The Crowning Glory.

So how does this mythical inspiration tie in with real life, or into a wedding even? Simple: the crowns.

A crown can be as understated or as lush as one would prefer, it can add a simple flourish to your wedding outfit, or it can make a complete and utter statement. In our Real Life feature a few weeks ago, Mitchell wore a Viktoria Novak crown which absolutely finished off his look and was oh so luxe! You can check out his fabulousness here.

With a crown on your wedding day you can go floral, you can go metallic, or if you’re anything like me, you can see yourself in both at the same time - just to really stand out! But if you’re looking for a little guidance on the crown front, someone like Viktoria or Bloom Boy will be able to work with you to create your vision and bring it to life to ensure your crown is an interpretation of your personality and the ultimate accessory for your one and only special day!


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