We are Born

We are Born

On the 2nd of June 2016, something amazing happened. Our little magazine featuring all things gay weddings went on sale in 1900 locations across Australia, New Zealand and the globe. To say I am the proudest Dad in the world is an absolute understatement! 18 months ago Groom + Guy was nothing more than an idea in my crazy brain, and now it is a reality. I can hardly believe it.

To paint the Groom + Guy picture properly for you, I need to introduce (or re-introduce if you’ve already met us…) myself and my super amazing team. My name is Matty (I’m the rancho-relaxo chap in the middle there), and I am the Publisher + Editor of Groom + Guy. Don’t be fooled by the title, at Groom +Guy the hats we wear are varied and fabulous and I don many more than just those two, but for today’s introduction purposes Publisher + Editor will do! Rachel (the gorgeous girl on the right, in case that wasn’t clear) is our extraordinary Administration Manager. Rach takes care of the entire administrative side of Groom + Guy, which we all know is super important of course, but she also writes the content for both the magazine and the chronicles with me (together we are the voice of Groom + Guy), as well as lending her eyes and opinions for critical design decisions too. Tony, (the handsome devil on the left) is our Client Relationship Coordinator, which really is just a fancy way of saying he is the talented person who takes amazing care of our fabulous clients and advertisers, without which we would be lost!

So there you have it - with our powers combined, we are Groom + Guy! Although, I must admit that we did have a little bit of extra star power to get it all off the ground... Chyka Keebaugh, event royalty, co-founder of The Big Group and The Design Depot and star of the Real Housewives of Melbourne was first to lend her hand when she jumped on board for our “Entertain” section. In this section Chyka will share her tips and tricks for anything and everything to do with entertaining and events. Next came Dea Jolly. Dea is one half of the dynamic duo Darren and Deanne who won the Block Triple Threat in 2015. Dea works with us on our “Style” section, offering advice on how to best style your home to make everyone happy - not an easy feat sometimes! Lastly, (but certainly not least), Brent Wallace joined the team for our “Travel” section. Brent is known for his travel blog, “Where’s Brent Been?”, and he writes our ultimate travel guides for the perfect honeymoon or any old holiday really. Who doesn’t love an excuse to get away?!

The magazine, all 210 pages and 500 grams of it can be purchased online through our website, or you can head to our stockist page to track down a copy near you, but might I suggest you call first? Word on the street is some stockists have already sold out!!


In the process of launching Groom + Guy, we were so lucky to capture the attention of the world’s media. We don’t really like to name drop (except for the fact that of course we actually do) but these ones are important - The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, Mashable, Mumbrella, Daily Mail, Pink News, ProBono, Bendigo Advertiser, Q News, Same Same, Eikon, Australian Pride Network and Queerty all did write ups, and we had radio interviews and mentions on ABC Radio (twice), NXFM Newcastle and Joy FM. Oh, and we also got a little spotlight from the queen of publishing, Ita Buttrose, on Studio 10. LOVE!


So, where to from here you say? Well we are already busily working on Volume 2, and we will bring this to you in November 2016. After that you will have Groom + Guy goodness on the shelves every 3 months, with Volume 3 going on sale in February 2017. Oh, and we are also working to get our app up and running in the next week or two to offer the digital version of the magazine for iPads, tablets and smart phones.

In order to ensure you don’t miss us too much in those dreary months between Groom + Guy print releases though, we are also creating original and unique content that you will only see here on the Chronicles of Groom + Guy. To give you a taste, the chronicles will feature more amazing real weddings, as well as perfectly styled photo shoots and educational, advice and opinion pieces plus anything else we might fancy depending on how we are feeling on the day. And the best thing about the chronicle is that the content you will see on here will be exclusive to our online readers, and completely different to the content you see in the print magazine. After all, no one likes a copy cat!

If the chronicles sounds like something you for shiz do not want to miss like, ever - make sure you subscribe to our mailing list. Also if you want to see us talk about something specific, or if you have something you would like to share with us, you can email us at contribute@groomandguy.com.au and we will look into it pronto!

Before I go I have to say a HUGE thank you to you for being a part of the Groom + Guy community. We love that you are on the journey with us and we can only hope that you love Groom + Guy just as much as we do.

Matty is the brains behind the beauty that is Groom + Guy. Dreaming up the concept while browsing bridal magazines, Matty started Groom + Guy from his kitchen, designed the launch-in-print edition on his iMac and continues to be the publisher, creative director and editor behind the whole site.

On top of that he is one half of The Chroniclers and runs a digital creative agency, Hello Thrive, creating websites, defining brands and marketing a range of businesses from wine to hair & beauty salons.

Bendigo born and raised, Matty now makes home in Melbourne and his loves outside of business are his partner Tony, his miniature dachshund Aleksandr and a good french rosé, champagne, pinot noir, well any drop of wine really!