The Intimate Event

The Intimate Event

No matter what the celebration, the event industry as a whole is continually evolving and Ellie from A Moveable Feast Catering - the new kid on the block in the Perth, WA, event space - tells us that the way to go now is what she is calling “gender-inclusive” wedding events… she is stylishly revamping the idea of the “bucks show”, and we, for one, like where she has vamped it to! Pre-nuptial shenanigans for men have long been synonymous with images of scantily clad women, bad food, regrettable tattoos and cheap beer. In Ellie’s event space, this is no more, and luckily for us (and you) she was kind enough to show us how it’s all done by styling and shooting the most perfect “new age bucks show” we have seen so far, and sharing some of her tips and tricks exclusively with The Chronicles of Groom + Guy.


Many men (not all, but many), regardless of their sexual orientation, are no longer excited by bad food and cheap beer and are looking for something a little bit more refined. Ellie addresses this by retaining some of the classic traditions of a Gentlemen’s Evening in her intimate, stylish, and sophisticated events, while shaking off that corner pub $2 pint vibe. Gambling has always been a popular bucks’ night pastime, and is an activity that Ellie carries through to her events - but rather than heading out to the local casino, she suggests holding an upscale poker game in a private venue. (Even break out the cigars and smoking jackets perhaps!?) You have a groom (grooms) on your hands who loves a cocktail you say? Arrange a mixologist to teach the group how to mix the perfect drink, and potentially even create a signature cocktail that could be served all night and feature at the wedding itself. The possibilities are endless but the bottom line here is that we move away from the overdone “bucks show” routine and head towards something a bit more classic, timeless and luxe.


The biggest consideration when finding the perfect venue is simple - does it match the look and feel of your event? Intimate events often benefit from being in smaller, private spaces and Ellie advises that blank canvases are often great for creating something truly special, allowing you to perhaps even work with a stylist to bring pieces in or vamp up the space completely to your taste. Most of all though, whether you opt for up-styling your home, a friend’s rooftop terrace or renting a space it needs to be in line with what you want to achieve, don’t hold a stylish poker game in a YMCA for example… find a place you can really sink your teeth into, make your own and style the bejeezers out of!


Worried about who to invite to your soiree? For Ellie’s intimate style of events, she tells us it’s best to keep your guest list small and exclusive. Would you call them up to go for a cheeky drink at short notice? If not, they probably don’t need an invite. Keeping your guest list small also has budgetary benefits, allowing you to go for style and quality over quantity. Billecart-Salmon Champagne instead of sparkling?  We wouldn’t say no!


How your guests are dressed can have a huge impact on the ultimate vibe of your event. Did you like our suggestion of smoking jackets? No harm in putting it on the dress code. Creating the most amazing evening takes planning and a dress code is part of this. Ellie agrees with us on this point, and she thinks that it gives your guests a bit of a structure so that they don’t freak out about what to wear – and let’s be honest, a dress code is always the perfect excuse to buy something new, and so your guests will probably thank you for it.


An evening of high-end, stylish amazingness deserves equally amazing food and beverages. Along with the cocktail option Ellie suggests, she also says to think top-shelf spirits, martinis, and vintage red wines. Match these with wagyu and French fry canapes, soft shell crab slider burgers and Balinese chicken kebabs. Keep the food masculine and the flavours punchy using the traditional party foods to inspire your menu, but taking them to the next level. Whether you decide on a cocktail style event or a sit down dinner, Ellie ensures us that your guests will thank you for taking the time to make the food and beverage the star of your event, after the groom (grooms) of course!


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