The Honeymoon Handbook

The Honeymoon Handbook

In January, Lonely Planet published The Honeymoon Handbook, which is their essential planning tool for newlyweds to choose and create their perfect “just married” holiday. AKA – A HONEYMOON!!

The Honeymoon Handbook features more than 25 of the most exciting locations for couples to enjoy their loved up bubble in – from Andalucía to Zambia. Not only that, it actually starts with a quiz to determine what kind of trip to take based on what you both love the most.  Whether it’s climbing the Canadian Rockies, touring Tuscany or cruising around Cuba – this quiz will help you choose the best location for you as a couple!

Beyond the destination sections, The Honeymoon Handbook also offers different options for themed getaway ideas, such as safari or luxury, as well as “how-to’s” on so-called “minimoons” and on getting married overseas.

In the most exciting addition for us - and you guys - The Honeymoon Handbook features an LGBT-friendly indicator for same-sex couples, rating each location from 1 to 5. On top of this, they’ve also included their top 5 LGBT honeymoon destinations... and the winners are:

1) Berlin; 2) Iceland; 3) New Zealand; 4) Cape Town; 5) Argentina

After flicking through this baby, we're sure it's a good investment for those planning, or even just dreaming of the perfect honeymoon. From budgeting, to the art of compromise, The Honeymoon Handbook will provide you with everything you’ll need to plan your ideal, personalised trip of a lifetime.





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