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Honeymoon haven

We get it. Planning your honeymoon is stressful. There’s a seemingly endless choices of romantic destinations to pick from and you have so many other things to plan at the same time for your wedding. Having to organise the holiday of a lifetime with your loved one simultaneously is just the icing on the cake. Deciding (and, most importantly, agreeing!) on a location is a tough call.

One thing that can also make matters worse is the fear of picking a destination that is not LGBT-friendly. We’re sad to report that more than 75 countries still consider same-sex relationships a crime. Not knowing if you will feel comfortable expressing your love and affection for your brand new partner publicly on this special occasion is not a desirable prospect.

Thankfully, now that marriage equality is on the rise and laws and attitudes towards the LGBT community are getting increasingly more relaxed, there really isn’t a lack of gay-friendly honeymoon options to chose from. From secluded beach paradises to luxury travel, and from culturally rich adventures to the great outdoors, here are our top picks for the care-free and romantic honeymoon of a lifetime with your partner.


Reykjavik prides itself of having “become quite the beacon of rainbow coloured light” in the past few years, and we couldn’t agree more! Iceland is an accepting country where you won’t have to second-guess displaying affection to one another in public. With so many natural wonders such as the Blue Lagoon, Midnight Sun, Northern Lights and an abundance of geysers, volcanoes and waterfalls, you simply will not believe your eyes.


Key West is well known as one of the most long-standing gay-friendly cities in the United States. It’s also a wonderful, balmy little island that retains a lot of its old American town charm. Get ready for fantastic food (don’t leave without sampling the Key Lime pie!), a world-renowned gay bar and sauna scene, drag shows and the most romantic sunsets you will ever see. You’ll also get the feeling that you have landed right at the end of the earth.


Barcelona might well be one of the most LGBT-friendly places to live in the whole world. Picking it as your honeymoon destination should be a no-brainer — especially if you are fond of delicious tapas, great architecture, dancing, spending days at the beach and cultural outings, all in once city. Oh, and did we mention that the temperature was great all year round? Barcelona truly has it all.


A lot of people would be surprised to see Taiwan on this list, but it is one of the most gay-friendly and accepting countries in Asia. There is a lot to explore for such a small country, including nine national parks (the great gorge of Taroko National Park should be on anyone’s itinerary), a bustling metropolis, pleasant sub-tropical weather and beautiful, remote beaches.


There is more than meets the eye in Cancun. It has a little of everything for everyone and is possibly the most gay-friendly city in Mexico. There are beautiful beaches and beautiful people, a crazy nightlife and a refreshing, carefree, ‘live and let live’ attitude for you to revel in.


With its flamboyant Carnival, Rio de Janeiro has been a favourite holiday destination for same-sex partners for decades. Rio also ticks many boxes: the beaches are beautiful, the nightlife is exciting, the food is phenomenal, the weather’s fantastic, and you will be hard pressed to find a view that isn’t postcard perfect.

Chronicle written by Parveen Nanda, an experienced blogger and travel expert at Luxtripper, who supply luxury four and five-star hotels and end-to-end package holidays.



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