Seal The Deal

Seal The Deal

When it comes to men’s wedding rings, one of our Groom + Guy faves is definitely Lord Coconut. Hailed as the men’s wedding ring specialist, Lord Coconut is on the forefront of all that is “deal-sealing” when it comes to men, and in true pioneer style, has just announced the release of black zirconium men’s wedding rings by Melbourne based jeweller Rhett Dale.

Lord Coconut owner and Groom + Guy friend, Mark Boldiston, states “A growing number of grooms were moving away from the traditional gold wedding band and asking for a ring with a more contemporary look and finish. One of the hottest trends at the moment are black wedding rings. Traditionally this has been a difficult request to satisfy as many of the black rings seen online are made from Tungsten which is an extremely heavy metal which is not used or made by the majority of Australian based jewellers. The other option has traditionally been an oxidised sterling silver ring which, although dark, is not a true black and tends to wear off the soft sterling silver. An alternative needed to be found”.

Not a Lord to let a problem beat them or their customers go without what they really want; Lord Coconut did the research and now stocks these black zirconium rings. Lightweight and a true black, these rings can be made either in either matte, brushed or polished and the ‘blackness’ does not wear off over time. And if you’re after something that still has a bit of sparkle, they can also be combined with gold to give a mix of the traditional and the contemporary in the one ring.

Jeweller Rhett Dale says “With specialised thermal processing I can transform the surface of zirconium (a metal closely related to titanium) to a ceramic state which is true black in colour. This outer ‘blackness’ is extremely tough and does not wear off over time. This makes it an ideal wedding ring for men as the ring still keep its strong metallic core whilst the black outer layer is very difficult to scratch.”

If you ask us, that sounds about as good as it gets in terms of style, colour and longevity of a fancy black deal-sealer.

Now available in-store or online (free delivery Australia wide) at Lord Coconut.



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