Matty Bulger

Mike + Nate

Matty Bulger
Mike + Nate

Two separate decisions to enjoy Pimms and poached chicken sandwiches at Madame Brussels in Melbourne is what results in us now sharing the story of Mike + Nate. Surrounded by lawn furniture and staff dressed in tennis whites, they met, and in the months that followed, they fell in love.  

The proposal Mike initially planned was elaborate, and hopeful. He produced a video that he then sent to Nate’s favourite singer - Kylie Minogue (we’re with you there Nate!) The plan was for Kylie to see the video and allow Mike to propose to Nate backstage at her concert, which they were planning to attend. Alas, Kylie fell through and so the day after the concert, Mike showed Nate the video, informed him of the grand gesture he had tried to set up and then proposed, just the two of them sitting together at home. Overall, as far as Mike + Nate are concerned, it all turned out beautifully.  

Following the engagement, the happy couple took a trip to Hawaii. During this trip, they came across locally crafted rings made of platinum with a beautiful wooden inlay and sealed with resin. The koa wood used for the inlay is only found on Hawaii, and they found that the rings with both the wood and the metal elements were the perfect combination of each of their tastes.  

The wedding was planned to occur over two days, the 18th and 19th of March, 2016. Mike holds a British passport and so they were ‘officially’ married on Friday the 18th of March at the Consular General’s house in Toorak, Melbourne. It was a beautiful small gathering of family and friends. 

They then celebrated the next day, Saturday the 19th of March 2016, with another ‘unofficial’ ceremony at Gardens House in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, with 60 of their friends and family in attendance. As they had already completed the official marriage ceremony the day before, they were able to have one of their best friends perform the ceremony on the Saturday which they enjoyed thoroughly as the technical parts had already been taken care of, allowing them to just relax and be in the moment. Both grooms wore suits by Oscar Hunt, while Mike wore Fluevog shoes and the scent of Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch and Nate wore Ted Baker shoes and the scent of Chemistry by Clinique. The grooms were transported in a stylish vintage Mercedes Benz from A1 Worldwide Limo. 

Following their ceremony, Mike + Nate explored the Melbourne laneways for a photo session with their photographer, Jayde Justin. While in Hosier Lane, they ran into a bride and groom who had also just been married, on the same day. The four of them struck up a conversation and the images snapped is one of the couples favourite from the day as it shows a gay couple and a straight couple celebrating in exactly the same way. This image was shared on Facebook and not only did it receive over 2000 likes, it also put Mike + Nate back in touch with the other couple in the image through mutual friends on the site.

The reception that followed their Saturday ceremony was also held at Gardens House in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Styled with props from Dann Event Hire, and catered by Peter Rowland Catering, the reception was as love-filed as Mike + Nate themselves. The Stationery for the day, as well as the cake, was created by Julie from d fa Design, while the floral elements were provided by Brian Hume. The guests took home Votive candles by West End. 

The smiles captured on Mike + Nate in the images by Jayde Justin are simply radiant, and we just know you will find that happiness as infectious as we do! Enjoy xx


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Props - Dann Event Hire // Stationary and Cake - D Fa Design // Flowers - Brian Hume // Catering - Peter Rowland Catering // Transport – A1 Worldwide Limo // Votives  - West Elm

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