Len + Brent

Len + Brent

We recently stumbled across an amazing image of a wedding between Canadian couple Len + Brent captured by their photographer Brady McCloskey. The scenery of the location of Prince Edward Island in Canada along with Brady's photographic talent made for some incredible imagery, and so we asked Brady to share a little bit about Len + Brent and their wedding with the Groom + Guy family... 

"On their first trip to PEI, Len & Brent checked into their cottage and immediately visited the rocks at Cavendish Beach. That evening they took a walk on the path, headed down to the rocks, and enjoyed the views of beautiful Prince Edward Island. That trip was the first of countless times over the years that they would visit Len's home province together, visiting family and taking a break from city life in Vancouver.

"After many years together they decided the timing was right and quietly got married on a Thursday afternoon this past Summer. For their ceremony location they thought of no better place to say their handwritten vows than the same spot they had visited that evening 15 years ago; the rocks at Cavendish Beach.

"Capturing the love of Len + Brent was one of the most memorable days I've ever had as a photographer. Their excitement, nervousness, and joy to be getting married was so special to see and throughout the entire day all of us could clearly see what a strong bond they had together. What an opportunity it was to capture such a wonderful day.


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