Josh + Nick

Josh + Nick

It was in the elevator of the building in which they both live, that Josh + Nick’s story first began. And upon this fateful meeting in said elevator, Nick wasted absolutely no time in asking Josh out on their first date, an outing to China Doll in Sydney.

Fast-forward a few love-filled years to a gorgeous sunny day, and Josh + Nick find themselves under a beautiful tree in Rushcutters Park deciding to get married. Foregoing the traditional, more formal proposal, their decision was derived from a great conversation in which they both agreed that they simply just wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Continuing in their low-key style, Josh + Nick set a wedding date of June 3rd 2016 and set to work planning their special day. As many of their loved ones were unable to be there on the date chosen, the objective was to have a simple wedding and enjoy the day with 15 of their closest friends and family from Australia who were able to attend.

As their engagement was very non-traditional, Josh + Nick decided to seal the deal with just their wedding bands rather than engagement rings, however Nick did purchase some antique French silver and pearl cufflinks for Josh as well. On the day, both Josh + Nick had their hair done at Tony and Guy in Potts Point, spritzed themselves with Christian Dior cologne and wore their old tuxedos that they had re-tailored to fit. They chose to wear their tuxedos as they had often worn them together for special occasions and thought it was a nice way to take something about their history and bring an element of 'old' into their wedding. They then paired their ‘old’ with ‘new’ patent leather shoes from Joe Black.

Their ceremony took place at the British Consulate in Sydney, with a reception to follow at The Theatre Bar at the End of the Wharf in Walsh Bay, decorated with flowers from Poho Flowers in Potts Point. Frank from Same Love Photography was on hand too, and he captured the entire day beautifully. To commemorate their day to each other, Nick gave Josh a hand written book of their adventures as a couple since that fateful elevator ride, and Josh used his talent as an artist to paint a piece for Nick.

The following day, Josh + Nick were thrown a party by some friends at their beautiful Centennial Park home, which was extended to further friends than the previous day. The party was lavish, with live jazz tunes by Blue Velvet, and a grazing table by Dan the Man Cooking.

To put it simply, Josh + Nick can only say, “The day met all of our expectations and we loved it.”

What more can you ask for? Enjoy xx


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