Immy + Indi

Immy + Indi

Because we’re always on the hunt for new ideas and a fresh aesthetic, we were quick to notice the Instagram sensation that is Immy and Indi. Her style is fabulous, and when we got in touch with her to see if she’d be interested in writing for the Groom + Guy community she was quick to jump on board! Before we get into the ins and outs of Scandi styling with her though we thought we’d get her to share a little intro on how Immy and Indi came to be…

“In the realm of interior design trends, the Scandinavian style is currently taking the world by storm.  With its minimalist aesthetic, focus on the use of natural materials and elements, clean light tones and cosy feel, the Scandinavian style is universally appealing and visually pleasing.

“I first came across the Scandinavian style in March 2015.  Due to some issues affecting my eyesight I was housebound and unable to work, and so to keep myself distracted I was spending a lot of time on Pinterest and Tumblr.  What I found was that I was instantly drawn to the clean lines, minimalist feel and bright light open spaces in the images of the Scandinavian interiors that I came across. Given that I had so much spare time on my hands, on a whim, I decided to start an Instagram account showcasing my favourite Scandinavian style homes from around the world, and this is where my journey really began.

“After a few months of posting regularly on Instagram I had reached about 30,000 followers, and while pondering how I could utilise this in some way, the seed of the idea to open my own Scandinavian inspired homewares store took root. Fast forward 24 months and over 291,000 followers later, I have now created my own full time job working from home running “Immy and Indi” – named after myself, Imogen, and my Labradoodle puppy Indi.

“The Immy and Indi store has gone from strength to strength and I am continuing to grow my product list and add new local and international brands. I am currently in the process of hiring my second employee and plan to open a bricks and mortar retail store during the next 6 months.

“One of the greatest feelings has been watching some of my local suppliers (that are mostly stay at home mothers who also have Instagram-based online stores) continue to grow with me as they too realise their passion and are able to turn their hobbies into a career.

“I have been incredibly fortunate with the support I have received from my customers, most of whom have come across my homewares store via Instagram. Simply put - there is no way I would have ever had the confidence or even thought it was possible to create my own way of living without Instagram. It has absolutely been both pivotal and instrumental to my success.

“So now I’ve introduced myself, let’s get down to business. It is safe to say that many homes in Australia have embraced the Scandinavian minimalist style already, and that the look is here to stay.  Renowned for their simplicity and utility, Scandinavian style homes have a pure, pared backed aesthetic that is centered around functionality and simple and clean lines, with an understated elegance. During my time with Groom + Guy I will share with you my tips and tricks for achieving the Scandinavian style in your home, and it’s fair to say I’m really looking forward to it!”


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