Hikari Photography is Ken, a Melbourne based photographer with a passion for photographing weddings and taking photos with an old film camera, to enjoy the texture and feel of the older style. We recently caught up with Ken to get a little bit more of an idea of how he does what he loves to do, and more specifically about what he can do for grooms and their weddings!

How long have you been working as wedding photographer and how did you get into the industry?

“I have been working as a photographer for almost 10 years now! I studied film back in university. I went back to work in Hong Kong for a few years and when I returned, I ended up as a manager at a high end fashion online store. Mind you that was in the mid 2000 and there was a lot of buzz but no one actually buy clothing online, especially not jeans that costs $500! It was a small company with just myself and my boss. I always had an interest in photography so I started doing all the product shoots and then moved onto fashion shoots… and that’s how I stumbled into photography!”

How would you describe your wedding photography style?

“I’m very candid and laid back in my approach. While some couples require some directing, I don’t really like things that are too staged or too posed. I often try to spend a bit of time talking to the couple before the big day, getting to know how they met, what they are like, and why they picked me as their photographer. Often by then I have a good idea of their personalities, and I think it is important to bring that out in their photos.”

What styles do you specialise in? What keeps you inspired?

“I think it’s a bit cheesy to say it, but my wedding style is more “documentary” which is just a bigger word for candid I think! Not so much my inspiration, but my motivation comes from seeing the expression of true joy and happiness of people at weddings. The groom watching his partner walk down the aisle, the couple’s expression during their vows, and how all the family and friends react.”

What do you think makes your work distinct?

“I hope people would think that my weddings look different to other photographers! We all have our different styles and different ways of working and interacting with the couple, which brings out different looks in our photos.  I try not to put my couple in “standard” poses when I photograph them, often telling them I like the way they are naturally.  Some couples like to hold hands the entire time, some like to wrap their arms around each other. I just let them be. I also try not to shoot at the same location twice, so that no two clients have the same photos.”

What's your favourite part of a wedding day, and time of year to shoot?

“I like photographing the getting ready part of the day. It’s often the calm before the storm. There is often so much detail to capture (not just your standard details like the suit and the rings) but everyone getting ready, mum doing any last minute sewing, dad opening the bottle of whiskey that he has kept for 20 years… So many details!

“I like shooting winter weddings! There is something about winter weddings where everyone is just a bit more relaxed. I find that couples who have weddings in winters are the ones that want to avoid the crazy rush of summer weddings, they are not too concerned or worried about a shorter photo session because of light restriction, and they aren’t worried it is darker and more likely to rain.”

What is it you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get your photographs to do that?

“I hope my work speaks for me! What I want to say is just relax, trust me, I’ve got it covered ;)”

What do you enjoy most about your job as a wedding photographer?

“I always do a hand over in person with a slide show to wrap things up. It’s great to sit down with the couple after the wedding, to see how they react to the photos, to laugh with them about the funny moments they didn’t see and to see them tear up! That gives me confirmation that I did okay!”

If you’d like to get Ken to do okay at your wedding, get in touch with him directly. We just know he will do you and your day right!


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