Matty Bulger


Matty Bulger

We are Groom + Guy, Australia and New Zealand’s premier gay wedding and lifestyle destination.

At launch, we were the first and only gay male wedding magazine in Australia and possibly even the world, the “original” as some would say. For those of you who have been with us from the start, welcome back! For those who are new, thank you for joining us. You are all part of the Groom + Guy family.

We first said “Hello” in June 2016 with The Launch Volume of Groom + Guy, 210 pages of real weddings and luxe life advice from our favourites Chyka Keebaugh, Dea Jolly and Brent Wallace. If you’ve seen a copy, you’d recall jaw dropping weddings like Keegan + James’ opulent affair at their family’s property, Wildenstein in the Blue Mountains or Marc + Robbie’s chateau getaway in Lanouaille, France. If you are yet to see a copy, you can buy one here.

We’ve been pretty obsessively following the changes happening in Australia over the last 24 months and we know a lot of you have too. We have just gone through one of the most successful postal surveys in its history, asking 16,006,180 participants if they think that the law should be changed to allow same sex couple to marry. 12,727,920 responded and overwhelmingly, 7,817,247 or 61.6% said YES! Yes to love, yes to equality, yes to you and me.

We are so excited to see and hear couples around the country finally begin the process to marry and have their marriages recognised, something they have been waiting for years.

We think this kind of achievement and progress means that a party is in order, but what kind? You’ll have to keep an eye and ear out to see what we have planned!

Our team has changed a little since you last heard from us. I am still here, serving as Publisher and Editor to Groom + Guy but I am so thrilled to introduce Sally Rosenberg to be my partner in crime, the new Editor of Groom + Guy. You will hear from Sally and I as we produce new and original content, specially curated for you to enjoy and be inspired by.

Thank you to all of you that stood up for what is right and showing Australia and the world that #loveislove and that all we really want is to be equal. We made it.

Matty is the brains behind the beauty that is Groom + Guy. Dreaming up the concept while browsing bridal magazines, Matty started Groom + Guy from his kitchen, designed the launch-in-print edition on his iMac and continues to be the publisher, creative director and editor behind the whole site.

On top of that he is one half of The Chroniclers and runs a digital creative agency, Hello Thrive, creating websites, defining brands and marketing a range of businesses from wine to hair & beauty salons.

Bendigo born and raised, Matty now makes home in Melbourne and his loves outside of business are his partner Tony, his miniature dachshund Aleksandr and a good french rosé, champagne, pinot noir, well any drop of wine really!