For The Bearded

For The Bearded

Whether you like your face to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom or a little more on the scruffy side, finding the perfect shaver can tend to be a difficult and frustrating experience. The offering is large and often so are the price tags which can result in a stressful decision making process… because no one wants to risk spending a bomb on something they potentially might not love and that potentially might not love them back, right?

As someone who keeps my stubble to a comfortable #1 length (halfway between the 5 o’clock shadow and being crazy itchy), finding a trimmer that will trim to perfection without pulling at every corner is nothing short of impossible! Well, so I thought anyway until I came across my new best friend, the Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer.

As you can probably tell from the name, this trimmer has an integrated vacuum, keeping the area around you mess-free which also makes it perfect for trimming on the go. The 60-minute battery life helps with that as well… no more cords! For those beard aficionados, precision is key and Philips have taken note. It lifts and guides the hair through the double sharpened stainless steel blades which results in an even and quicker cut. There are also 20 length settings from 0.5mm up to 10mm increasing in precise 0.5mm increments. Lock in your ideal length to get the perfect even trim, every time.

So, how does it fare in real life? Well after a quick 1 hour charge, I went wireless and the trimmer glided across my skin effortlessly and without the painful hair pulling that occurred with my standard (now decommissioned) trimmer. Most of the trimmings were successfully vacuumed up too so there was little mess to clean up afterwards. The precision trimmer was perfect to finish up with too, creating clean lines and a barber fresh look.

Now, for those that prefer the clean shave look every day, The Philips Shaver Series 9000 is also the perfect trimmer for you! It is the most advanced shaver from Philips yet, and is able to work on wet and dry skin with pivots in 8 flexible directions for a super close shave. If you’ve slept in and are running late but still need to shave, no problem, a quick yet comfortable dry shave is effortless. And if you do have the time and prefer to shave wet with gel or foam, this shaver can handle that as well - even in the shower! Furthermore, once you are done you can click on the trimmer attachment to perfect your mustache or sideburns as well.

Jules Tognini, Philips Shaving & Grooming Ambassador, offers his top five tips on getting the sharpest shave:

  1. Mens grooming trends have cleaned up a lot this season, it’s all about a sharp hair cut or tidy mane with well-maintained stubble or a beard. To get this look, get rid of your razor and invest in a good beard trimmer and a quality set of hair clippers. Having the right tools to hand will instantly make maintaining a beard easier.
  2. You don’t want to look too rigid if you’re rocking a beard. Loads of people make the mistake of trimming their hair into a square shape, this doesn’t work on anyone. Try to keep to your natural look, just make it tidier.
  3. Before starting to shape your beard, make sure you comb through the hair to identify your natural shape.
  4. Using your Philips beard trimmer, trim down from the cheekbone to the jaw (follow the way the hair grows) to create a chiseled look. Make sure you’re doing this in front of a mirror, no one wants a wonky face.
  5. Once you’ve trimmed the hair, ‘feed’ your beard with a hydrating balm to keep your hair and face healthy. If you’re rocking a long and luscious mo, a trick of the trade is to rub in a little styling clay to create hold and repel water.

So, don’t just take our word for it, get a new shaver or trimmer for yourself! Somewhat of an investment, but can you really put a price on how good you look and feel after a decent, pain free shave or trim? I can’t!



Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer Series 7000 // RRP: $129.95 but can be found for $99 or less

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Philips Series 9000 Wet & Dry Rechargeable Shaver // RRP: $399


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