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At DY.o Events, they are driven by ensuring the service they deliver is distinctive, flexible, considerate and meticulous. These qualities are what drives all of their events and their quality of work, ensuring a DY.o event is not just a gathering, but rather an exceptional experience. Every detail is bespoke and every element is considered to suit your vision, the styled brief as well as your venue of choice. Your event is about you, your family and your friends, and a DY.o event will have each one feeling as though they have been a part of something incredible!

DY.o events is a team comprising of boutique event designers, a florist, an interior designer, stylists and event managers who will always keep the conversation going – they listen and keep you up to date every step of the way. No matter what the stage of your event, you will always know what is taking place and how the details are coming together.

We recently chatted with the team at DY.o events about all things DY.o weddings!

Why should couples hire a wedding planner? How do you think couples can most effectively use a wedding planner?

“To take the stress out of the whole process! Seriously, planning a wedding can be up there with the most stressful life experiences and it doesn’t need to be! Wedding planners are there to take that away, to worry about the all the details - big & small! To pull every element together.  We design, plan and style your wedding so the event experience is unforgettable; with guests leaving feeling they have been a part of something very special.

“Wedding planners also know the ins and outs of the industry and often can get more value for money as every detail is customised and every element carefully measured to suit the budget.

“Couples who get the best from wedding planners are those that trust in the process from the outset.  Good wedding planners listen from the start to the couple’s brief, vision and then bring it to life, taking the couple on a journey from the start – those initial meetings are golden opportunities to build a trusting relationship.”

How do you add a couple’s personality to their wedding?

“Being designers we are trained to listen and skilled to take a vision and make it a reality. Our initial meeting with couples is more like a coffee date! This enables us to get to know the couple’s personalities, likes and dislikes and we often ask for 3 or 4 key words from the couple on how they would describe what they want their day to be. We then take these key words and design the wedding around them.”

What are your favourite wedding trends this year?

“Our favourite wedding trends this year are the ones a little different from the norm – we like the use of geometric shapes, feature signage and colour ways that are unique to the couple. It’s always important that we are on trend but not cookie cutting and that we are designing each wedding uniquely for the couple.”

What’s your favourite/most rewarding part of wedding planning?

“For us it’s seeing the faces of the couple when they see each element of the event or discover a new detail at the venue, but mostly it’s seeing their faces relax at the end of the ceremony knowing it’s all gone to plan and they can now party with their guests!”

How would you describe your style?

“In one word –Tailored.

“We are boutique event designers so whilst we like certain styles we do not impose these on our couples! Our designs are based on what our client like and we finesse, fine tune and add layers of detail to create something special.”

Tell us some of the current trends in wedding styling?

“Geometric shapes and metallic cutlery are still being featured a lot. We are still also seeing a lot of native florals and simple greenery being designed into weddings. There is also a trend for designed name place cards that use a different material or printing process, so they become a unique feature on the table.”

Whether planning for an intimate gathering or grand event, single out some specific details that you pay attention to in helping create a more personal feel?

“We often single out the preferred colour scheme, which instantly connects with the couple. Creating an experience is most important so we look at the arrival experience, the entrance, table detailing and lighting is always important as it instantly creates the ambience of a space.”

Where do you look for inspiration and what inspires you?           

“Our couples set the foundations and we then look more widely, so it may be features of the ceremony or reception location (nature, architectural features) and we of course use Pinterest and Instagram as we find most couples can relate to these tools. We then also get inspiration from interiors, art, graphics and the design world generally.”

So there you have it! DY.o can make your day as unique as you are, and give you the wedding of your dreams!


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