Date the Celebrant

Date the Celebrant

Finding the right person to officiate your wedding day can be tough. You want someone who “gets” you and your partner, and who can add a little somethin’ somethin’ to your day, rather than just say the required words and leave it at that. But it’s also such a personal choice; some couples want a soft and romantic vibe, while others want to laugh and actually celebrate with their celebrant…

Our friends over at Whiz Bang Weddings Club have heard the calls of the couples who have found themselves at a loss for how to locate their perfect celebrant, and have launched their awesome new concept: “date” the celebrant.

Yes, yes, we know that by the time you’re looking for a celebrant you’re totally done with the dating scene, but we can assure you that if there was ever a reason to jump back into the dating pool one last time, this is it! Whiz Bank Weddings Club’s “date” the celebrant is an amazing new concept that allows you to search for celebrant through their website and get to know a few, or however many you like, in a little more detail before you decide who it is that will be the one to add that little somethin’ somethin’ to your special day.

To get a little more info, we asked creator Alana Salm what the Whiz Bang Weddings Club is actually all about…

“Whiz Bang is a place for fun, crazy, normal, quirky, simple, loud and 'everything in between' couples to check out what top shelf celebrant talent is on offer across Australia and New Zealand so they can find the perfect fit in a celebrant for their wedding. With personal profiles on each bangin' member you can get a great feel for the vibe and mads skills each celeb can bring to your event.”

“It’s kinda like a dating site except you already have a partner, okay but it’s not like a dating site for couples either, well it kinda is but not the kind you were thinking. It’s like a dating site for couples to meet awesome peeps to marry them”

So there you have it – if you’re in the process of trying to locate the perfect celebrant; head on over to Whiz Bang Weddings Club now to fine your perfect “date”.



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