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Solid State

Recently we came across a brand spanking new “must have” item, and we’ve been bursting to share it with you. If you haven’t yet heard of Solid State, boy oh boy are you in for a treat!

Of course we all appreciate the confidence that comes from the scent of our favourite cologne, but more often than not these parties for our noses come in bottles that are too heavy or chunky to carry with us for use in times when we just need an added on-the-spot confidence boost. Solid State have considered this issue and combated it in such an ingenious way that is so simple yet effective that to be honest we’re just flat out kicking ourselves that we didn’t think of first: wax scents.

The master-stoke that is Solid Cologne is a highly concentrated fragranced wax based alternative to the more commonly used spray colognes. Compacted in lightweight pocket size containers, they are perfect for no muss no fuss reapplication on the go and are consequently perfect for not only day-to day use, but also as a travel companion.

Literally all you have to do is swipe, apply and go! It’s as simple as that. Using your finger you swipe a small amount of balm and apply to your pulse points, behind the ears or on the wrists or wherever else you damn well please. Personally we have found that a dab just before an important meeting or date, or after stepping off a plane is enough to give a sense of freshness and readiness to take on the world.

Inspired by those determined to carve out their own path, each Solid State wax scent has been crafted to capture a particular moment in time. From hitting the streets in a foreign city, to forging new paths in your home town - Solid State was created in a range to suit each man, wherever he may roam.

Our personal favourite is Cruiser, thanks to its citrus notes and woody nuances. But if citrus isn’t your thing that’s all good – there are 5 other scents to choose from.

Do yourself a favour and give Solid State a shot. You won’t be sorry. You can keep one in your gym bag, your desk drawer, your pocket – the list goes on. Retailing for $39.95 AUD each or $99.95 AUD for a pack of 3, you’d be remiss not to try the entire range. Choices are everything after all. Pop it on Santa’s list perhaps? We know we will be.



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