A Bespoke Experience

A Bespoke Experience

Since we launched, a few invites have popped through under our door and of course, the first thing I think of is “what am I going to wear?” Casual events are easy and an excuse to hit the shops to buy more of what I already have at home (because something new feels so much better, right?!). However, when a few had ‘Black Tie’ as the dress code I was immediately concerned that I would find nothing to fit me. I had to find another solution and quickly!


Immediately, I got on the blower to my friends Kellie & Domenico at Carbone Master Tailors and asked for their very next appointment to see about getting a tuxedo tailored. Would they have enough time to make something for me? I could only cross everything and hope that they did! For those who haven’t met me in person, even the smallest of sizes swim on me. Suiting is extra hard, and I knew that a tuxedo had to be super sharp in a way that only a bespoke piece could be for a man of my dimensions.

I have never had something made just for me. Something truly bespoke and made to my exact specifications. I guess I was a little naive about the whole process. Choose a colour, take a few measurements and 4 weeks later I’ll pick up a suit that fits, that’s how it would work right? Wrong! But in a super good way…


I knew I wanted to go blue, but not the royal blue that is all the rage at the moment. Something a bit more discreet but still noticeable. I also knew it had to be a three piece. But that’s about all I knew, and so Kellie began to educate me in the endless options and possibilities. Did I want a shawl collar? Peak lapels or notch lapels? Silk or fabric welts? Side vents or a center vent? And don’t even get me started on the range of blues I had to choose from…

In the end, we went with a thin shawl collar in black silk, welts to match and a patterned navy blue for the jacket and waistcoat, with the black silk also continuing in a piping down the outside of the leg of the pants, as thin as one could possibly sew. Measurements were taken and the fate of my first bespoke experience was left in the hands of the absolute artist that is Domenico Carbone.


Three weeks flew by and I was ready to be fitted. Given that tailoring is a first time experience for me, I thought it could be something of interest to others too and so I asked Dhyan from Boyfriend Photography to join me to take a few snaps for you all to see.

The pants fitted like a glove, the waistcoat was snug and hugged in all the right places – I was amazed. But the piece I was really waiting for was the jacket… Sleeveless at this point, I carefully slid it on and I was ecstatic! It could not have fitted any better. It was at that moment I was convinced that, for me, bespoke was the only way to go. I am now officially addicted.

After a few adjustments to the pant length and the addition of some extra padding in the shoulders (thanks to me being slightly vertically challenged and having bony shoulders), the fitting was over and I only had another week to wait for the end creation to be ready.

The final fitting arrived and all we had to do was to make sure everything was sitting just as I and Domenico thought it should. Lo and behold, it was. Before long I was walking out with a grey Carbone Master Tailors suit bag holding the most amazing item of clothing I have ever seen, something I will cherish forever.

Thank you to Kellie and Domenico for making the whole experience from start to finish so fluid and so incredibly easy. Honestly, the only difficulty I encountered was how to choose from all the different shades of blue I was offered! So, from the converted to all of you, if you truly want something that fits you like only something bespoke could, you definitely need to try this out. I promise you, you will never go off the rack again.



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